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Handcrafted,preservative free artisan inspired flatbread. Available in whole wheat or durum flours.

Varieties: Whole Wheat, Durum Wheat

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Classic Parathas

Parathas are thicker than than a regular chapati, and oil is added to create a more crispy, butter soft consistency. Available in plain whole wheat, durum, methi (fenugreek) or spinach.

Varieties: Plain Whole Wheat, Plain Durum Wheat, Methi, Spinich

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Stuffed Parathas

Parathas stuffed with various ingredients and flavours, usually eaten as a stand alone dish with a side of pickle or yoghurt. Available in aloo (potato), cauliflower, and cheese. Made to order spicy or mild available.

Varieties: Aloo (Potato), Gobi (Cauliflower), Paneer, Cheese

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Special Parathas

These handcrafted specialties are not readily seen outside of specifically targeted regional restaurants. These include Sindhi loli (hand pressed flatbread rolled with onions, chilies and coriander), jeera paratha (cumin seeds), Sindhi lolo (a thick hand pressed flatbread made with jaggery), pooran poli (jaggary, cardamon infused dhal stuffed paratha).

Varieties: Jeera, Loli, Lola, Pooran Poli, Reshmi, Bajri, Juwar

Artisan Inspired. Fresh Obsessed.

Our Roots


Our story begins with the humble chapati, a staple in every household in the Indian Subcontinent. Bread to billions of people around the world. The unleavened flatbread begins as a soft dough traditionally compromised of atta (flour), water and oil. The dough is formed into balls, which are then rolled very thin and cooked on a hot tava (skillet). Chapatis, also known as rotis to many around the world are usually eaten with a variety of spiced dishes that are bursting with flavour but missing the vessel to carry out that flavour. Here at Chapati House, we are changing the way we look at the chapati, from enjoying it with a hint of butter, to eating it at breakfast with eggs or a quick sweet snack with a chocolate spread. If its edible, you can roll it up in a chapati. Think Bread Differently.


Suraj Chapati House, formerly known as Suraj Desi Kitchen was the dream of Veenu and Gulab Doulatram who wanted to fill a void in fast growing multicultural city of Toronto. A large portion of the current population in Toronto had migrated to begin new lives, however adapting was not easy and many craved foods from their origins. Many single individuals, and dual income families did not have the means to make their own chapatis on a daily basis, and the products available in store did not meet their quality standards. Enter Suraj Chapati House, which has been providing handcrafted, preservative free chapatis and parathas since 1998.

We Hand Craft Delicious.


Flagship Store:

2677 Kennedy Road Unit #6
Toronto, Ontario
M1T 3H8
Tel: 416.332.8710

Fine India Grocers:

3040 Don Mills Rd E
 North York, Ontario 
M2J 3C1
Tel: 416.496.8887

Royal Kerala Foods:

1840 Ellesmere Rd.
Scarborough, ON 
M1H 2V5
Tel: 416.285.6655

Sakin Grocery:

279 Queen St E Unit #7
Brampton, ON 
L6W 2C2
Tel: 905.455.2530

Big Bear Food Mart:

310 Limeridge Rd W.
Hamilton, ON 
L9C 2V2
Tel: 905.385.1799

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Tues-Sun: 11am - 6pm

Monday: Closed



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